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STM32 MPU trainings

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

This article introduces links to the STMicroelectronics website, OLTs (online trainings) and MOOCs (massive open online courses) for STM32 Arm® Cortex® MPUs.

In addition to these links, you can find more educational material covering STM32 MPUs and MCUs in the STM32 Education web page.

STM32 Education

STM32 Education

Bring your STM32 project to life with the free educational resources created by our engineers.

1. Web pages[edit source]

The STMicroelectronics website helps you choose the ST microcontrollers and microprocessors for your embedded application.

Here are links to the web pages for the STM32 MPUs:
STM32 Arm® Cortex® MPUs STM32 Arm® Cortex® MPUs

STM32MP1 series STM32MP1 series

2. OLTs (online trainings)[edit source]

ST offers a full range of free online training courses for our Arm® Cortex® –based STM32 microcontrollers and microprocessors.

These courses provide helpful and detailed technical information on the features and benefits of our STM32 microcontrollers and microprocessors as well as their open development ecosystem. They help you to easily start your applications and take advantage of the STM32 performance to get your solutions to market as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

Here are links to the OLTs for the STM32 MPUs:

3. MOOCs (massive open online courses)[edit source]

ST’s free online courses in MOOC format, given by our technology experts, help to boost the performance of your application.

Here are links to the MOOCs for the STM32 MPUs:
STM32MP1 workshop MOOC STM32MP1 workshop MOOC