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STM32 MPU resources

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

This article lists all the documents that apply to the STM32 MPU ecosystem release of the STM32MP1 series. Those documents are generally referenced into other wiki pages.

All the resources for the STM32MP1 series are located in the STM32MP1 series web page.

Reference Name Link
Application notes
AN2834 How to get the best ADC accuracy in STM32 microcontrollers AN2834.pdf
AN4803 High-speed SI simulations using IBIS and board-level simulations using HyperLynx® SI on STM32 MCUs and MPUs AN4803.pdf
AN5027 Interfacing PDM digital microphones using STM32 MCUs and MPUs AN5027.pdf
AN5036 Thermal management guidelines for STM32 applications AN5036.pdf
AN5168 How to configure DDR on STM32MP1 MPUs AN5168.pdf
AN5225 USB Type-C® Power Delivery using STM32 MCUs and MPUs AN5225.pdf
AN5275 USB DFU/USART protocols used in STM32MP1 series bootloaders AN5275.pdf
AN5284 STM32MP1 series system power consumption AN5284.pdf
AN5348 Introduction to FDCAN peripherals for STM32 product classes AN5348.pdf
AN5431 The STPMIC1 PCB layout guidlines AN5431.pdf
AN5438 STM32MP1 series lifetime estimates AN5438.pdf
AN5510 Overview of the secure secret provisioning (SSP) on STM32MP1 series AN5510.pdf
AN5827 Guidelines for entering RMA state on STM32MP1 series MPUs AN5827.pdf
AN4879 USB hardware and PCB guidelines using STM32 MCUs AN4879.pdf
AN5474 Getting started with STM32MP13 series hardware development AN5474.pdf
AN5475 Migration of applications from STM32MP15x lines to STM32MP13x lines microprocessor AN5475.pdf
AN5478 Camera-CSI (DCMI-PP) in STM32MP13x microprocessors AN5478.pdf
AN5565 STM32MP13 lines using low-power modes AN5565.pdf
AN5586 STM32MP13x MPU product line discrete power supply hardware integration AN5586.pdf
AN5587 STM32MP13x MPU product lines and STPMIC1D / STPMIC1A integration on a wall adapter supply AN5587.pdf
AN5692 DDR memory routing guidelines for STM32MP13x product lines AN5692.pdf
AN5036 Thermal management guidelines for STM32 applications AN5036.pdf
UM1720 STM32Cube USB host library user manual UM1720.pdf
UM1734 STM32Cube USB device library user manual UM1734.pdf
AN5031 Getting started with STM32MP15 Series hardware development AN5031.pdf
AN5109 STM32MP15x lines using low-power modes AN5109.pdf
AN5122 STM32MP1 series DDR memory routing guidelines AN5122.pdf
AN5253 Migration of microcontroller applications from STM32F4x9 lines to STM32MP151, STM32MP153 and STM32MP157 lines microprocessor AN5253.pdf
AN5256 STM32MP151, STM32MP153 and STM32MP157 discrete power supply hardware integration AN5256.pdf
AN5260 STM32MP151/153/157 MPU lines and STPMIC1B integration on a battery powered application AN5260.pdf
AN5284 STM32MP1 series system power consumption AN5284.pdf
DS12792 STPMIC1 datasheet
DS13483 STM32MP135C/F Datasheet (STM32MP135C/F)
DS13874 STM32MP135A/D Datasheet (STM32MP135A/D)
(non secure)
DS13875 STM32MP133C/F Datasheet (STM32MP133C/F)
DS13876 STM32MP133A/D Datasheet (STM32MP133A/D)
(non secure)
DS13877 STM32MP131C/F Datasheet (STM32MP131C/F)
DS13878 STM32MP131A/D Datasheet (STM32MP131A/D)
(non secure)
DS12505 STM32MP157C/F datasheet
DS12504 STM32MP157A/D datasheet
DS12503 STM32MP153C/F datasheet
DS12502 STM32MP153A/D datasheet
DS12501 STM32MP151C/F datasheet
DS12500 STM32MP151A/D datasheet
Errata sheets
ES0539 STM32MP13x device errata ES0539.pdf
ES0438 STM32MP15xx device errata ES0438.pdf
Reference manuals
RM0475 STM32MP13x reference manual
(STM32MP135 advanced Arm®-based 32-bit MPUs)
RM0436 STM32MP157 reference manual
(STM32MP157xxx advanced Arm®-based 32-bit MPUs)
RM0442 STM32MP153 reference manual
(STM32MP153xxx advanced Arm®-based 32-bit MPUs)
RM0441 STM32MP151 reference manual
(STM32MP151xxx advanced Arm®-based 32-bit MPUs)
Boards schematics
MB1635 schematics STM32MP135F-DK motherboard schematics
MB1635-E02 board schematics (Discovery kit)
MB1262 schematics STM32MP157C-EV1 motherboard schematics
MB1262-C01 board schematic (Evaluation board)
MB1263 schematics STM32MP157F-EV1 daughterboard schematics
MB1263-C04 board schematic (Evaluation board)
MB1230 schematics DSI 720p LCD display daughterboard schematics
  • MB1230-C01 board schematic (Evaluation board)
  • MB1230-C02 board schematic (Evaluation board)
MB1379 schematics Camera daughterboard schematics
MB1379-A01 board schematic (Evaluation board)
MB1272 schematics STM32MP157x-DKx motherboard schematics
MB1272-DK2-C02 board schematic (Discovery kit)
STM32MP157x-DKx motherboard schematics
MB1272-DK2-C03 board schematic (Discovery kit)
MB1407 schematics STM32MP157x-DKx daughterboard schematics
MB1407-LCD-C01 board schematic (Discovery kit)
STM32MP157x-DKx daughterboard schematics
MB1407-LCD-C02 board schematic (Discovery kit)
Boards user manuals
UM2993 STM32MP135F-DK discovery board user manual UM2993.pdf
UM2534 STM32MP157A-DK1 and STM32MP157C-DK2 Discovery kits user manual UM2534.pdf
UM2535 STM32MP157C-EV1 and STM32MP157A-EV1 Evaluation boards user manual UM2535.pdf
UM2637 STM32MP157D-DK1 and STM32MP157F-DK2 Discovery kits user manual UM2637.pdf
UM2648 STM32MP157F-EV1 and STM32MP157D-EV1 Evaluation boards user manual UM2648.pdf
Tools user manuals
UM2563 STM32CubeIDE installation guide UM2563.pdf
UM2579 Migration guide from System Workbench to STM32CubeIDE UM2579.pdf
UM2553 STM32CubeIDE quick start guide UM2553.pdf
AN5360 Getting started with projects based on the STM32MP1 series in STM32CubeIDE AN5360.pdf
UM2609 STM32CubeIDE user guide UM2609.pdf
UM1718 STM32CubeMX user manual UM1718.pdf
UM2237 STM32CubeProgrammer tool user manual UM2237.pdf
UM2238 STM32 Trusted Package Creator tool user manual UM2238.pdf
UM2542 STM32 series Key Generator tool user manual UM2542.pdf
UM2543 STM32 series Signing tool user manual UM2543.pdf