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How to configure a WLAN gateway

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

1. Configure a wireless gateway[edit source]

A wireless gateway routes packets from a wireless LAN to a wired network (Ethernet)

For this example of configuration, the setup is :

  • wlan0: wireless interface connected to SSID_NETWORK with DHCP
  • eth0: this is an ethernet interface with a static IP address, which also includes a DHCP server
  • packet forwarding is activated between the two network interfaces.

Apply the same procedure: How_to_setup_a_WLAN_connection#How_to_set_a_wireless_configuration_with_networkd

Add "IPForward=ipv4" rule in the file as follows:

 cat /lib/systemd/network/
allows to forward any network packet from a wireless network to another network.