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How to use UART as serial boot device with STM32CubeProgrammer

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines, STM32MP25x lines

OpenSTLinux distribution does not provide the flash memory layout (flashlayout) files required to use a UART as a serial boot device.

Refer to Using_STM32Programmer_over_UART article to see how to modify a flashlayout file to use a UART as a serial boot device.

You can use this modified flashlayout as described in STM32CubeProgrammer article.

For example, the provided FlashLayout_sdcard_stm32mp157f-dk2-optee.tsv file can be used on USB with the command:

 STM32_Programmer_CLI -c port=usb1 -w FlashLayout_sdcard_stm32mp157f-dk2-optee.tsv

By replacing tf-a-stm32mp157f-dk2-usb.stm32 to tf-a-stm32mp157f-dk2-uart.stm32 in this tsv file, the resulting file FlashLayout_sdcard_stm32mp157f-dk2-optee_uart.tsv can be used on UART port /dev/ttyACM1 with the command:

 STM32_Programmer_CLI -c port=/dev/ttyACM1 -w FlashLayout_sdcard_stm32mp157f-dk2-optee_uart.tsv