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1. What is X-LINUX-AI?[edit source]

X-LINUX-AI is a free of charge open-source software package dedicated to AI.
It is a complete ecosystem that allow developers working with OpenSTLinux to create AI-based application very easily.

  • All-in-one AI solutions for the entire STM32 MPU boards More info green.png
  • Pre-integrated into Linux distribution based on ST environment
  • Include AI frameworks to execute Neural Network models
  • Include AI model benchmark application tools for MPU
  • Easy application prototyping using Python language and AI frameworks Python API
  • C++ API for embedded high-performance applications
  • Optimized open-source solutions provided with source codes that allow extensive code reuse and time savings
  • Delivered under GitHub as a Yocto meta-layer

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2. X-LINUX-AI Software stack introduction[edit source]

X-LINUX-AI is an STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux Expansion Package that targets artificial intelligence for STM32MPx series devices.
It contains Linux AI frameworks, development tools, as well as application examples to get started with some basic AI use cases such as computer vision.
It is composed of an OpenEmbedded meta layer, named meta-st-stm32mpu-ai, to be added on top of the STM32MPx Distribution Package. It brings a complete and coherent easy-to-build / install environment to take advantage of AI on STM32MPx series devices.

2.1. Seamless integration of common AI frameworks[edit source]

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2.2. AI framework details[edit source]

2.2.1. Tensorflow Lite runtime[edit source]

X-LINUX-AI tflite fw details.png

2.2.2. ONNX runtime[edit source]

X-LINUX-AI Onnx fw details.png

3. Versioning[edit source]

Since its release v5.0.0, the major versioning of the X-LINUX-AI OpenSTLinux Expansion Package is aligned on the major versioning of the OpenSTLinux Distribution. This prevents painful backward compatibility attempts and makes dependencies straightforward.
The generic versioning X-LINUX-AI vx.y.z is built as follows:

  • x: major version matching the OpenSTLinux Distribution major version. Each new major version is incompatible with previous OpenSTLinux Distribution versions.
  • y: minor version, which is changed when new functionalities are added to the X-LINUX-AI OpenSTLinux Expansion Package in a backward compatible manner.
  • z: patch version to introduce bug fixes. A patch version is implemented in a backward compatible manner.

4. X-LINUX-AI v5.0.0[edit source]

Info white.png Information
This version is compatible with Yocto Project® build system Mickledore (v4.2) and has been validated against the OpenSTLinux ecosystem release v5.0.0 More info.png and validated on STM32MP1 series' boards More info green.png.

4.1. Contents[edit source]

Warning white.png Warning
The face recognition binary is available on demand. Please contact the local STMicroelectronics support for more information about this application or send a request to edge.ai@st.com
  • Application support for the 720p, 480p, and 272p display configurations
  • New.png C++/Python application camera pipeline update to use GtkWaylandsink and achieve better performance
  • X-LINUX-AI SDK add-on extending the OpenSTLinux SDK with AI functionality to develop and build an AI application easily. The X-LINUX-AI SDK add-on provides support for all the above frameworks. It is available from the X-LINUX-AI product page

4.2. Validated hardware[edit source]

As any software expansion package, the X-LINUX-AI is supported on all STM32MP1 series and it has been validated on the following boards:

  • STM32MP157F-DK2 More info green.png
  • STM32MP157F-EV1 More info green.png
  • STM32MP135F-DK More info green.png

5. X-LINUX-AI package[edit source]

X-LINUX-AI Starter package

X-LINUX-AI Starter package

Quickly and easily bring AI on STM32MPUs series

X-LINUX-AI Developer package

X-LINUX-AI Developer package

The X-LINUX-AI SDK add-on extends the OpenSTLinux SDK
with AI functionality to develop and build an AI application easily

X-LINUX-AI Distribution package

X-LINUX-AI Distribution package
It is an OpenEmbedded meta-layer to be added on top of the STM32MPx Distribution Package to generate AI packages

6. Next steps...[edit source]

Artificial intelligence application zoo

AI - Application examples

Discover the AI applications delivered in X-LINUX-AI.

How to articles

How to articles

Articles dedicated to use the different X-LINUX-AI frameworks

7. Archives Archive box.png[edit source]

X-LINUX-AI release Release note
X-LINUX-AI v3.0.0 X-LINUX-AI_OpenSTLinux_Expansion_Package#X-LINUX-AI_v3-0-0 page for the v4 ecosystem releases (in archived wiki)
X-LINUX-AI v2.2.0 X-LINUX-AI_OpenSTLinux_Expansion_Package_-_v2.2.0#X-LINUX-AI_v2-2-0 page for the v4 ecosystem releases (in archived wiki)
X-LINUX-AI v2.1.1 X-LINUX-AI_OpenSTLinux_Expansion_Package#X-LINUX-AI_v2-1-1 page for the v3 ecosystem releases (in archived wiki)
X-LINUX-AI v2.1.0 X-LINUX-AI_OpenSTLinux_Expansion_Package#X-LINUX-AI_v2-1-0 page for the v2 ecosystem releases (in archived wiki)
X-LINUX-AI v2.0.0 X-LINUX-AI_OpenSTLinux_Expansion_Package#X-LINUX-AI_v2-0-0 page for the v2 ecosystem releases (in archived wiki)

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