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STM32MP25 resources

Applicable for STM32MP25x lines

This article lists documents that apply to the STM32 MPU ecosystem release of the STM32MP25x lines More info.png. Those documents are generally referenced into other wiki pages.

All the resources for the STM32MP2 series are located in the STM32MP2 series web page.

Info white.png Information
The different STM32MP25 microprocessor part numbers available (with their corresponding internal peripherals, security options and packages) are described in the STM32MP25 microprocessor part numbers.

Reference Name Link
Application notes
AN5489 AN5489 - Getting started with STM32MP25xx lines hardware development AN5489.pdf
AN5723 AN5723 - Guidelines for DDR memory configuration on STM32MP2 MPUs AN5723.pdf
AN5724 AN5724 - Guidelines for DDR memory routing on STM32MP2 MPUs AN5724.pdf
AN5718 AN5718 - Migrating from STM32MP15x lines to STM32MP25x lines MPUs AN5718.pdf
AN5726 AN5726 - Guidelines for using low-power modes on STM32MP2 MPUs AN5726.pdf
AN5827 AN5827 - Guidelines for entering RMA state on MPU series Under preparation
AN5727 AN5727 - How to use STPMIC25 for a wall adapter powered application on STM32MP25x lines MPUs Under preparation
AN5730 AN5730 - Guidelines for measuring system power consumption on STM32MP2 MPUs Under preparation
AN6115 AN6115 - How to connect STPMIC25 unused pins AN6115.pdf
AN6116 AN6116 - STPMIC25 BOM details AN6116.pdf
AN6128 AN6128 - STPMIC25 PCB layout guidelines AN6128.pdf
DS14284 STM32MP25xC/F Datasheet DS14284.pdf
DS14285 STM32MP25xA/D Datasheet DS14285.pdf
DS14278 STPMIC25 datasheet
Errata sheets
ES0598 STM32MP25x ErrataSheet ES0598.pdf
Reference manuals[1]
RM0457 STM32MP25 reference manual
(STM32MP25xx advanced Arm®-based 32/64-bit MPUs)
Programming manuals
PM0264 STM32 Cortex®-M33 MCUs and MPUs programming manual PM0264.pdf
Boards schematics
STM32MP257F-EV1 board (MB1936) schematics STM32MP257F-EV1 board revD schematics with STM32MP25F RevB 18x18 package MB1936-D01.pdf
B-CAMS-IMX schematics Camera module bundle schematics MB1854-B01.pdf
B-LVDS7-WSVGA schematics LVDS TFT LCD module schematics b-lvds7-wsvga.html
STM32MP25F-DK schematics STM32MP257F-DK board schematics example with STM32MP25F RevY 14x14 package Under preparation
DDR routing examples schematics Additional DDR memory routing examples DDR routing examples
User manuals
UM3359 STM32MP2357F-EV1 User Manual UM3359.pdf
UM3354 B-CAMS-IMX Camera module bundle User Manual UM3354.pdf
  1. 1.0 1.1 The part numbers are specified in STM32MP25 microprocessor part numbers