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STM32MP15 U-Boot

Applicable for STM32MP15x lines

This article briefly describes the STM32MP15x lines More info.png support in U-Boot.

1. STM32MP15x lines More info.png support[edit source]

For detailed information, read the file in the delivered U-Boot code = doc/board/st/stm32mp1.rst or the documentation generated by make htlmdocs: board/st/stm32mp1.html.

Code :

Configuration files:

Warning white.png Warning
The U-Boot defconfig to use for ecosystem release ≥ v4.0.0 change to stm32mp15_defconfig.

The two next defconfig are kept only for compatibility with upstream, don't use them:

2. Selecting targets : choose defconfig and device tree[edit source]

The STM32 MPU boot chain is supported by one U-Boot configuration with defconfig = stm32mp15_defconfig

Several boards are supported with the associated device-tree (same name as kernel):

Board part number Device tree Description
STM32MP157A-EV1 Evaluation board Warning.png stm32mp157a-ev1 MB1262+MB1263
STM32MP157C-EV1 Evaluation board Warning.png stm32mp157c-ev1
STM32MP157D-EV1 Evaluation board More info green.png stm32mp157d-ev1
STM32MP157F-EV1 Evaluation board More info green.png stm32mp157f-ev1
STM32MP157A-DK1 Discovery kit Warning.png stm32mp157a-dk1 MB1272
STM32MP157D-DK1 Discovery kit More info green.png stm32mp157d-dk1
STM32MP157C-DK2 Discovery kit Warning.png stm32mp157c-dk2 MB1272+MB1407
STM32MP157F-DK2 Discovery kit More info green.png stm32mp157f-dk2

For information the 'Evaluation' daughter-board only (MB1263 without MB1262) is also supported by stm32mp15*-ed1.dts device tree files.

3. Compilation[edit source]

See U-Boot_overview#U-Boot_build with the defconfig file: stm32mp15_defconfig

  make stm32mp15_defconfig
  make DEVICE_TREE=<Device tree> all

The supported variables are:

  • DEVICE_TREE: select in arch/arm/dts the device tree that is used
  • KBUILD_OUTPUT: change the destination directory for the build
  • EXT_DTB: select external device tree

The output files u-boot.dtb and u-boot-nodtb.bin are integrated in FIP.

Note: All the compiled device trees are available in $KBUILD_OUTPUT/arch/arm/dts/*.dtb.
You can select them instead of u-boot.dtb without U-Boot recompilation.

4. U-Boot integration in FIP[edit source]

U-Boot binary and its associated device tree are part of the FIP binary, created with TF-A Makefile option :

  • BL33_CFG = u-boot.dtb
  • BL33 = u-boot-nodtb.bin

or updated with fiptools:

  • --hw-config u-boot.dtb
  • --nt-fw u-boot-nodtb.bin

Example for FIP update :

  fiptool --verbose update --nt-fw u-boot-nodtb.bin \
             --hw-config  u-boot.dtb \
 DEBUG: Replacing nt-fw with.../u-boot-nodtb.bin
 DEBUG: Replacing hw-config with .../u-boot.dtb
 DEBUG: Metadata size: ... bytes
 DEBUG: Payload size: ... bytes

See How_to_configure_TF-A_FIP for details.

5. Examples[edit source]

5.1. STM32MP157F-EV1 Evaluation board More info green.png[edit source]

  make stm32mp15_defconfig
  make DEVICE_TREE=stm32mp157f-ev1 all

An existing FIP file is updated with:

  fiptool --verbose update --nt-fw u-boot-nodtb.bin --hw-config u-boot.dtb \

5.2. STM32MP157C-EV1 Evaluation board Warning.png[edit source]

  make stm32mp15_defconfig
  make DEVICE_TREE=stm32mp157c-ev1 all

An existing FIP file is updated with:

  fiptool --verbose update --nt-fw u-boot-nodtb.bin --hw-config u-boot.dtb \

5.3. STM32MP157D-DK1 Discovery kit More info green.png[edit source]

  make stm32mp15_defconfig
  make DEVICE_TREE=stm32mp157d-dk1 all

An existing FIP file is updated with:

  fiptool --verbose update --nt-fw u-boot-nodtb.bin --hw-config u-boot.dtb \

5.4. STM32MP157C-DK2 Discovery kit Warning.png[edit source]

Using export to select the device tree

  export KBUILD_OUTPUT=../build/stm32mp15
  export DEVICE_TREE=stm32mp157c-dk2
  make stm32mp15_defconfig
  make all

An existing FIP file is updated with:

  fiptool --verbose update --nt-fw $KBUILD_OUTPUT/u-boot-nodtb.bin \
              --hw-config  $KBUILD_OUTPUT/u-boot.dtb \

5.5. Custom board with external device tree[edit source]

  make stm32mp15_defconfig
  make EXT_DTB=stm32mp151a-myboard.dtb all

Then you can create or update the FIP