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Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

1. STM32DDRFW-UTIL overview[edit source]

This article describes STM32DDRFW-UTIL, an official STMicroelectronics firmware package for DDR configuration and test on STM32MP1 series.

1.1. Applicability[edit source]

The STM32DDRFW-UTIL applies to STM32MP13x lines More info.png and STM32MP15x lines More info.png.

1.2. Package overview[edit source]

STM32DDRFW-UTIL firmware is a software package containing multiple STM32CubeIDE projects applicable for all STM32 MPU products, with a DDR which includes:

  • BSP, CMSIS and HAL drivers for all applicable STM32MPxxx series
  • DDR_Tool full source code with:
    • Common directory with general purpose content
    • Tool directory with tool core and tests
    • STM32CubeIDE Projects for all ST supported boards
  • Binaries for all supported ST boards with STM32 header for binary files to be programmed directly into SD card or loaded via STM32CubeProgrammer without using STM32CubeIDE tool.
  • document for help
Warning white.png Warning
Dependency with STM32CubeIDE v1.10.0 for the projects ( compilation issue with older versions) .

1.3.[edit source]

The, included in the package, is a complete document that describes:

  • the Software architecture and design of STM32DDRFW-UTIL.
  • how to use the STM32DDRFW-UTIL firmware package for DDR configuration and test on STM32MP1 series MPUs.

2. How to get STM32DDRFW-UTIL[edit source]

Refer to the following link to find STM32DDRFW-UTIL firmware package.