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STM32MP135x-DK - software distributions

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines

The embedded software distributions[1] supported for the STM32MP135x-DK Discovery kits are listed below.

For each distribution, up to three software Packages are delivered:

  • the Starter Package (software image)
  • the Developer Package (SDK for cross-development, source code for the BSP of the distribution)
  • the Distribution Package (build framework on Linux® host PC, source code for the whole distribution)
OpenSTLinux Distribution.png STM32MPU Embedded Software distribution[2]
Start step by step.png

Linux Yocto-based Starter Package for STM32MP13 Discovery kits

Development zone.png
Linux Yocto-based Developer Package for STM32MP1 series
Yocto project compatible.png
Linux Yocto-based Distribution Package for STM32MP1 series
Buildroot logo.png Linux Buildroot-based embedded software
Buildroot logo.png
Linux Buildroot-based Distribution Package for STM32MP1 series
STM32Cube MPU packages.png STM32Cube MPU Packages[3]
STM32CubeMP13 package running on Arm® Cortex®-A processor
HAL and BSP drivers, LL APIs, middleware components, and collection of examples
  1. The STM32 MPU ecosystem release note details the latest delivered embedded software distributions
  2. The Which STM32MPU Embedded Software Package better suits your needs article provides hints for selecting the most appropriate Package.
  3. The STM32CubeMP13 Package release note details the latest delivered STM32CubeMP13 package