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OpenSTLinux architecture overview

Applicable for STM32MP13x lines, STM32MP15x lines

The OpenSTLinux distribution encompasses the following components:

  • The OpenSTLinux BSP that offers services, to the application frameworks in the same context, from:
    • The boot chain based on TF-A and U-Boot
    • The OP-TEE secure OS running on the Cortex-A in secure mode
    • The Linux® kernel running on the Arm® Cortex®-A in non-secure mode
  • The Application frameworks that rely on the services provided by the OpenSTLinux BSP, to provide particular functionalities (code libraries, APIs, tool sets...) to facilitate the development of software applications:
    • The Linux application frameworks (aka Linux middlewares) running on the user space of the Linux OS: e.g. libusb C library for a generic access to USB devices, ALSA user-space bundle for audio functionalities, GStreamer multimedia framework...
    • The U-Boot application frameworks (not shown in the diagram), as part of the boot chain: e.g. configuration scripts
  • On OP-TEE side, the Trusted Applications (TA) relies on the OP-TEE core for secrets operations (not visible from the Linux and STM32Cube MPU Package)

The figure below is clickable so that the user can directly jump to one of the sub-levels listed above.

Zoom out to STM32MPU Embedded Software

OP-TEE overviewTF-A overviewU-Boot overviewSTM32 MPU Linux kernel overviewBoot chain overviewOpenSTLinux BSP architecture overviewLinux application frameworks overview
OpenSTLinux architecture overview