STM32 sniffer for Bluetooth® Low Energy

The STM32 sniffer for Bluetooth® Low Energy allows you to learn, analyze, and debug Bluetooth® Low Energy communications.

You will be able to listen to advertising packets or follow communications between two devices. If the devices are paired, it may even be possible to decrypt the packets.

System presentation
Connection sniffing example

The sniffer firmware is compatible with two development boards:

Compatible development boards
Nucleo WB55 (left) and Discovery Kit WB5MM (right)

Find more details about these boards here:

The following articles will help you set up and use the sniffer.

1. Installing the STM32 sniffer

The STM32 sniffer for Bluetooth® Low Energy consists of two main parts:

  • The software part, running on the computer, which captures, analyzes, and displays packets.
  • The firmware part, running on the STM32WB MCU, which intercepts over-the-air packets.

You can download the necessary files on Github

You can also find a step-by-step installation guide in the STM32 Sniffer for BLE Setup guide article

2. Using the STM32 sniffer

Follow the user guide linked below to discover how to use the sniffer through Wireshark.
Using the STM32 sniffer

3. Troubleshooting

A list of common problems and their solution can be found here: STM32 sniffer for Bluetooth® Low Energy Troubleshooting