STM32 Motor Control Knowledge Database

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1. Motor Control introduction

motor control.png
Motor Introduction to motor control with STM32
An overview STM32 Motor control ecosystem and STM32 software package X-CUBE-MCSDK.

2. Learn more on STM32 Motor Control

STM32 MC-SDK PICTO motor-control-monitor v3.jpgSTM32 Motor Control SDK tutorial Have a look on the STM32 MC SDK Getting Started

motor control.pngHow To manually configure the motor parameters Learn how to set manually the motor control parameters

3. STM32 MC SDK 6.0

Notepad pen.pngRelease notes The release notes for X-Cube-MCSDK

STM32 MC-SDK PICTO motor-control-monitor v3.jpgNew MCSDK6.0 Get started with the new STM32 MC SDK 6.0.

STM32 MC-SDK PICTO motor-control-monitor v3.jpgSTM32 MC Workbench This software tool gives an easy and friendly way to configure your MC application software.

STM32 MC-SDK PICTO motor-control-monitor v3.jpgSTM32 MC Profiler This software tool provides an easy and friendly way to find information for user custom motor.

STM32 MC-SDK Motor-Pilot 3.png SDK-MC Motor Pilot Start-up Guide

motor control.png6-step Firmware Algorithm The software library that implements the 6-step algorithm.

motor control.png6-step Optimization and troubleshooting of sensor-less firmware parameters Optimize the configuration parameters for a 6-step sensor-less algorithm

4. STM32 MC SDK features

motor control.png Overmodulation Learn more about overmodulation theory and take a look at a helpful example

motor control.pngDiscontinuous PWM Learn more about discontinuous PWM theory and take a look at 2 helpful examples
induction motor.png AC Induction Motor Learn hot to use software tools with induction motor
motor control.png Single Shunt Phase Shift Overview of single shunt phase shift
board 2.png Motor Control Boards Description This article specifies the formats used to describe the boards and the other hardware

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Help.png STM32 Motor Control FAQ