BLE smartphone applications

1. Bluetooth® LE collector applications for STM32WBA

The following table shows the different collector applications (Smartphone & webBluetooth) and the compatibility for each Bluetooth® LE STM32WBA project.

Collector applications and project compatibility
Smartphone applications / Projects
Connectivity:ST BLE SENSOR new logo.png
ST BLE Sensor
Connectivity ST BLE Toolbox.png
ST BLE ToolBox
Connectivity WebBluetooth logo.png
Web Bluetooth®
BLE_Fuota (Firmware Update Over The Air)

2. Bluetooth® LE smartphone applications for STM32WB

The following table shows the different smartphone applications and the compatibility for each Bluetooth® LE STM32WB project.

Smartphone applications and project compatibility
Smartphone applications / Projects
Connectivity ST BLE Sensor.png
ST BLE Sensor
Connectivity ST BLE Toolbox.png
ST BLE ToolBox
Connectivity ST BLE Mesh.png
Connectivity WebBluetooth logo.png
Web Bluetooth®

3. ST BLE Toolbox

ST BLE Toolbox is a user-friendly application which interacts with and debugs ST Bluetooth®LE devices.
Upon launch, the app scans for Bluetooth®LE devices.
For each device found, it is possible to:

  • display advertisements
  • connect to it, showing all the peripheral services, characteristics and descriptors.

ST BLE Toolbox allows performing read/write and notification interaction with any Bluetooth characteristic from any device.

In addition, certain services (used in projects from the official STM32WB and STM32WBA packages) have a custom panel, allowing you to interact with the device in a more visual and user-friendly way.

List of application having a custom panel in ST BLE Toolbox
BLE Application & Documentation Source Code
Heart Rate
Connectivity Toolbox Logo HeartRate.jpg
Blood Pressure
Connectivity Toolbox Logo BloodPressure.jpg
Health Thermometer
Connectivity Toolbox Logo HealthThermometer.jpg
Connectivity Toolbox Logo p2pServer.jpg
Firmware Update Over the Air
Connectivity Toolbox Logo FUOTA.jpg
Connectivity Toolbox Logo p2pRouter.jpg
Data Throughput
Connectivity Toolbox Logo ST app.jpg
Continious Glucose Monitoring
Connectivity Toolbox Logo ST app.jpg
Running Speed and Cadence
Connectivity Toolbox Logo ST app.jpg

Glimpse of user-friendly application interfaces available with the STBLE Toolbox
Running Speed and Cadence Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Connectivity Toolbox App RunningSpeedAndCadence2.jpg
Connectivity Toolbox App RunningSpeedAndCadence.jpg
Connectivity Toolbox App ContiniuousGlucosMonitoring.jpg

Application store:

  • ST BLE Toolbox Android Application[1]
  • ST BLE Toolbox iOS Application[2]

More information is available on ST website :

  • ST BLE Toolbox Application[3]

3.1. Home Panel

Let's have a quick overview of the ST BLE Toolbox.
The main page is the Scan panel, where you can interact with BLE devices.

You can enable or disable the scan by clicking on this button
Use the radio buttons to sort the discovered devices
Choose to display only or exclude certain devices
Click on the star next to a device to add it to your list of favorite devices
Connect" button to start the connection with the BLE device
ST BLE Toolbox : Home Panel
Connectivity Toolbox filters detailed.jpg

3.2. Left Menu

To open the menu, you can either click on the menu icon or slide from left to right. The following functionalities are available in the menu, which we will detail below:

ST BLE Toolbox Left Menu
ScanFavoritesPhone Supported FeaturesRecognized Services and CharacteristicsLogsSettingsUseful LinksConnectivity Toolbox Side Panel.jpg

3.3. Favorites

This panel lists all of your favorite devices.

ST BLE Toolbox : Favorite Devices
Connectivity Toolbox Side Panel Favorites Small.jpg

3.4. Phone Supported Features

This panel allows you to know which functionalities are supported by your phone.

ST BLE Toolbox : Phone Supported Features
Connectivity Toolbox Side Panel Phone Supported Features.jpg

3.5. Recognized Services and Characteristics

This tab lists the services and characteristics recognized by the Bluetooth SIG, the Custom ST ones, as well as those added by the user.

ST BLE Toolbox : Recognized Services and Characteristics
Connectivity Toolbox Side Panel Recognized Services and Characteristics.jpg

3.6. Logs

The Logs tab displays the trace history. You can manage the capture of these traces and extract them by clicking on the share button.

ST BLE Toolbox : Logs
Connectivity Toolbox Side Panel Log.jpg

3.7. Settings

This panel allows you to configure your preferred parameters, track a connection with analytics, manage application logs, and customize the visual appearance of the ST BLE Toolbox application.

ST BLE Toolbox : Settings
Connectivity Toolbox Side Panel Settings.jpg

3.8. Useful Links

This panel will display useful links such as the Wiki pages for developing and evolving through the STM32 BLE ecosystem.

ST BLE Toolbox : Useful Links
Connectivity Toolbox Side Panel Useful Links.jpg

4. ST BLE Sensor

ST BLE Sensor application shows the data exported by a Bluetooth® LE device using the BlueST protocol. [4]
It is an interface between the smartphone application and the Bluetooth® Low Energy drivers that allows easy access to the data exported via BLE such as, inertial or environmental sensor data, battery information. The application show different panels based on the data types exported by the firmware, including:

  • environmental data
  • MEMS sensor fusion
  • BlueVoice, speech to text
  • node status
  • ...

The applications support as well dedicated STM32WB features such as:

  • Fast firmware update over the air (FUOTA)
  • Bluetooth secure pairing with numeric comparison

In June 2023, this app has been split into two different apps:
- ST BLE Sensor Classic, supporting all legacy boards and demos (won't be updated anymore unless bugs have to be fixed)
- ST BLE Sensor, entirely re-written in a more modern language, supporting only recent boards and demos (regular updates with new boards and demos)

ST BLE sensor application illustration
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Application store:

  • ST BLE Sensor Android Application[5]
  • ST BLE Sensor Classic Android Application[6]
  • ST BLE Sensor iOS Application[7]
  • ST BLE Sensor Classic iOS Application[8]

More information available on ST website:

  • ST BLE Sensor Application[9]

5. ST BLE Mesh

ST BLE Mesh application allows you to create your own Bluetooth® Mesh Profile compliant mobile Apps. The App can be used for provisioning, configuring and controlling multiple Bluetooth® Mesh Profile compliant devices in a Bluetooth®LE Mesh network for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.
More information can be found on Getting Started document for Android[10] and iOS[11].

ST BLE Mesh application illustration
Connectivity ST BLE Mesh Model.png
Connectivity ST BLE Mesh Lighting.png
Connectivity ST BLE Mesh HSL.png

Application store:

  • ST BLE Mesh Android Application[12]
  • ST BLE Mesh iOS Application[13]

More information available on ST website :

  • ST BLE Mesh Application[14]

6. References