SMDK for STM32H5

The Secure Module Development Kit (SMDK) provides the environment for developing secure modules. To do so, a Secure Manager development version with a dedicated STMicroelectronics license is used. In order to receive and process the required license flow, contact your STMicroelectronics representative.

The SMDK should be used only for developing secure modules going into the secure processing environment (SPE). Once the secure modules are developed and ready for production, they must be used with the generic Secure Manager version available at STM32TRUSTEE-SM[1].

Security SMDK.png

The SMDK is composed of:

  • STM32CubeH5 [2] (containing all hardware abstraction layer (HAL) and necessary middlewares)
  • X-Cube-SMDK-H5, available for each device supporting Secure Manager, including:
    • The SMDK Secure Manager binary, with secure trace capabilities.
    • An example of secure module running inside the SPE.
    • An example of nonsecure application running inside the NSPE and interfacing with the above secure module.
    • A secure module template.
    • Associated documentation.

Contact your STMicroelectronics representative to get X-Cube-SMDK-H5.