Thread certification process for STM32WB and STM32WBA

1. Introduction

Thread certification is important for ensuring security, reliability, interoperability, consumer confidence, and market access for devices that use the Thread protocol. There are two types of certification:

  • Full Thread device certification (FTD)
    • Every Thread role is supported except Border Router.
  • Minimum Thread device certification (MTD)
    • End device (ED) / sleepy end device (SED), and synchronized sleepy end device (SSED) roles are supported.

The 802.15.4 PHY certification has to be performed before the Thread stack certification.

Thread certification types
Connectivity Thread Certif types.png

2. Thread certification process

The Thread certification process involves joining the Thread Group, developing and testing the device, submitting it for certification testing, receiving testing results, and sending them to Thread Group to obtain the certification.

Thread certification process
Connectivity Thread certification.png

3. Thread certification environment

The Thread Group has authorized several test labs to perform the Thread certification testing. One of these labs is Granite River Labs (GRL).

  • Thread certification is performed using GRL tool.
  • Various golden devices are used:
    • Nordic Thread device - nRF52840-Dongle
    • Silicon Labs Thread device - XG12-DK4166C (SLTB004A/C)
    • Raspberry Pi - model 3B or 4B
    • Kirale USB dongle - KTDG102
    • Kirale border router - KTBRN1
  • Fully automated test bench
  • Up to 33 devices are used to form the Thread mesh network (TC Leader 5.2.3).
  • GRL tool is available to any Thread Group member.
    • Certification tests can be run at STMicroelectronics premise before going to the test house.
GRL Thread certification tool
Connectivity Thread Certif GRL.png

We perform in-house GRL tests using both manual and automated methods.
The manual tests are conducted within a faraday cage according to the test descriptions.
The automated tests are based on our Python script-based tool, which uses GRL APIs and provides a more efficient and streamlined testing process.
The GUI of the GRL tool is shown in the figure below, which enables users to easily track the progress of manual tests.

GRL campaign management
Connectivity Thread Certif GRL Campaign.png

The photo depicts the in-house test bench in the LAB, which is used for Thread precertification.

Test bench for Thread precertification
Connectivity Thread Certif GRL lab.png

4. Acronyms and definitions

Term Definition
ATL Authorized test lab
FTD Full Thread device
MTD Minimum Thread device