STM32 Sniffer for BLE Troubleshooting

This article will enumerate some known problems and their solutions.

1 Unknown direction

It is a known limitation. Refer to the indication in the Direction column.

Direction column
Connectivity Sniffer Unknown Direction.png

If this column is not visible, check the ST BLE Sniffer profile installation.

2 No data after capture start

Check that the sniffer is on a primary advertising channel (37, 38 or 39).

3 Could not open port COM error

If the following message appears:

Could not open port COM error
Connectivity Sniffer Com Error.png

Close and re-open Wireshark.

If it's still not working, follow the Other cases procedure.

4 Sniffer interface do not appear

  • Check that the extcap plugin is installed.
  • Check that the sniffer stack is flashed and started.
  • Check that the sniffer application firmware is flashed.
  • Close the Wireshark, unplug and replug the board, reset the board, and re-open Wireshark.

5 Other cases

If the sniffer already worked and stop working or don’t restart:

  • Close Wireshark.
  • Unplug the board.
  • Plug the board.
  • Reset the board.
  • Re-open Wireshark.