Single value subflow to be used as filter after processing node

A subflow is a collection of nodes that are collapsed into a single node in the workspace. Detailed explanations are available in Node-Red documentation: Node-Red Subflows.

A subflow already exists in STM32CubeMonitor: the Single value subflow. It is available from the left menu. The purposes of this subflow are the following:

  1. Data filtering to extract only one variable after the "processing node" step .
  2. Modifying the message to fit with standard widgets such as gauges.
  3. Limiting the number of messages to a maximum of 10 msg per second.

Details of the subflow are available by double-clicking the image below:

subflow SingleValue.png

This template can be modified, for example to increase or reduce the number of message per second. It impacts all the single value subflows already used in your current flows.