Installing STM32CubeMonitor

1. Prerequisites

1.1. Host PC system requirements

1.1.1. Supported operating systems and architectures

  • Windows® 8, 10, 11 : 64 bits (x64)
  • Linux® (tested on Ubuntu® 20.04: 64 bits)
  • macOS® (minimum version OS X® Catalina)

1.1.2. ST-LINK driver

ST-LINK driver is required.

Install it from

1.1.3. ST-LINK server

ST-LINK server is required to use shared mode.

Install it from

2. Hardware requirements

  • One free USB2 or USB3 host port available on your device (Windows, Linux, or macOS).
  • Câble USB Type-A ou USB Type-C® vers Micro-B, ou câble USB Type-A ou USB Type-C® vers Mini-B (selon la référence de la carte)
  • STM32 target board

3. STM32CubeMonitor Installation

3.1. Windows operating system

1. Double click setupSTM32CubeMonitor_x.x.x.exe to launch the installation wizard.


2. Read the license agreement and accept it (if you reject it, the installation is aborted).

License agreement

3. Select the installation path
The path is asked only when application is not already installed. When application is updated, this step is skipped.
The default path do not require to have admin rights to perform the setup. If path is changed to "program files" or other protected folder, the installer should be started with "run as administrator" option.

Path selection

4. Select "Create a desktop shortcut" if needed.

Additional Tasks

5. Click next to launch the installation.


6. The following dialog box is displayed when the installation is complete:


The application starts immediately after the installation has completed if the Launch STM32CubeMonitor box is checked.

To uninstall

Head to Start Menu > Control Panel.

Click on "Uninstall a Program" under the "Programs and Features" (Windows 10) or "Programs" (Windows 7).

From there, find the STM32CubeMonitor program and click on it. You should see an "Uninstall" button show up at the top of the pane. Click on it, and it will open up the STM32CubeMonitor uninstaller. Follow the wizard, and when it finishes, the program will be completely removed from your system.

3.2. Linux operating system

If you are using a USB port to connect to the STM32 microcontroller device, install the libusb1.0 package by typing the following command: sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0.0-dev

To use ST-LINK probe to connect to a target, install the udev rules file st-stlink-udev-rules-1.0.x-y-linux-all.deb located under the driver folder. ("sudo apt install ./st-stlink-udev-rules-1.0.x-y-linux-all"). Unplug the target before installing the udev rules and plug it back when setup is complete.

To install you need to :

  • unzip the linux pack
  • open a terminal where the zip is unpacked
  • command : $ sudo apt install ./stm32cubemonitor_X.X.X_amd64.deb

Note :The tool used to parse the symbol files is not working without the libncurses5 library. STM32CubeMonitor 1.6.0 should install the library automatically. For older version, to install the library, run $sudo apt install libncurses5.

To launch : $ stm32cubemonitor

To uninstall $ sudo apt-get --purge remove stm32cubemonitor

3.3. macOS

For macOS:

To install launch setupSTM32CubeMonitor-x.x.x.dmg and into the installer window. A window opens to display the license information. Accept the license, and drag and drop the STM32CubeMonitor icon on the Applications icon.

To uninstall

  • Move the application to the bin.
  • The tool configuration is kept when application is deleted. To remove the configuration, please remove the folder in "user home"/Library/stm32cubemonitor